四月 5, 2016

Why You Need Stuffed Toy Manufacturing

Whether you are a designer, merchandiser or retailer, there are many reasons why you should consider hiring a stuffed toy manufacturer from China. Tianchang City is recognised as being the hometown of plush toy production, with several companies having over twenty years of experience in the industry.

By offering you an entirely customised service, including design, planning, production, testing and delivery, you can ensure that the products you order are exactly to your liking. The best part is that your product can be shipped worldwide, no matter where you are. Even on the other side of the planet, you can receive your very own design, created by the most committed and experienced toy engineers in the world.

Reputable toy manufacturers spend a lot of time in  developing a superior production line and the strict quality control. With hundreds of dedicated employees and skilled design engineers, your project can be created into a real-life product. By implementing quality equipment and professional engineering, plush toy manufacturers can create only the highest quality of customizable stuffed animals, at your request.

Every toy is strictly quality-checked using a professional needle detector, to safeguard your product, even when in the smallest of hands. With a large production capacity, even large productions can be handled, after you have approved the sample product. By cooperating with you, they aim to provide not only the best service, but also the best price.

Most stuffed toy manufacturers do not only manufacture stuffed animals, but also specialise in producing plush pillows, bags, shoes, key chains and more. Some companies also provide other promotion products like custom lanyards,balloons,T-shirts etc.So whether you would like to design a cute panda, penguin or giraffe, you also have the possibly of creating a fun range of original characters and shapes. The variety and customizable range that innovative toy manufacturers supply, mean that you have no limitations on your design.

You could even create customizable stuffed animals for the national holidays, such as making reindeers or other fun characters for the Christmas season. Valentine’s Day is also a popular holiday in many countries, where heart and teddy designs could be the perfect idea. You have a lot of range to work with.

Submitting your order is extremely easy and it all begins by submitting your design. The manufacturer will contact you and produce a sample of the product for your approval, before developing further production. This way, you can be sure that the product is right for you, before committing to a large-scale manufacture.

We have broken down the procedure below into three easy-to-follow steps. Some rules and regulations will differ from company to company.

How To Order:


  • You provide a picture of the character or animal you have in mind, whether a sketch, illustration or photograph. The manufacturer will turn your design into a sample plush toy for your approval.
  • The samples are sent directly to you, no matter where you are located. If you are happy with your product, production will be arranged for a bulk manufacture of your small stuffed animal.
  • You will be informed after successful completion of its manufacture and the products are sent straight to your doorstep.

When following through with the purchase of an entire bulk buy, usually you will be expected to pay a down-payment of around 25%-45%. The remaining percentage can be paid before shipping or upon visual approval on-site. The sample usually won’t be provided freely, but will possibly be deducted from your overall costs, if you decide to follow through.

Creating your own plush toy animals or characters can be a fun way to spice up your store or even to create unique merchandise for your company or organisation. Not only will your product meet worldwide quality standards (such as the European EN71 and the American ASTM), but you can ensure that your toys are suitable for babies and children too. Using quality materials, you are rest assured that your creation will succeed your expectations.

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