六月 5, 2016

South Korea launched preschool education intelligent stuffed toy

If you were still a child,you would be willing to follow the instructions of parents to clean the bedroom or to do the task with lovely and friendly stuffed animals?Believe that many people would choose the latter.The Korean toy manufacturer recently launched the “FriendDuda” plush toys.

friendduda stuffed toy

FriendDuda is based on the South Korean Animation role to restore, with a very lovely appearance, built-in speakers and microphones which can be used for parents and children’s information dissemination.As long as parents input message through the phone.Such as”Father and mother have been working hard and very tired,could you help to pick it up?”The message will be sent to the FriendDuda,and it will be expressed with Duda’s lovely voice.FriendDuda is accompanied by 5 groups of  NFC tag stickers,parents and children can use mobilephones or FriendDuda to record information.When FriendDuda or mobilephones come into contact with NFC tags,the messages previously recorded will be read.By this way,parents can make use of stuffed toys to remind their children of eating more fruits or cleaning bedroom.


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