四月 27, 2016

Some Knowledge About Cuddly Toy

The definition of cuddly toy

1.What is cuddly toy?Cuddly toy is also named stuffed toy.It is a toy made of many kinds of plush and PP cotton.It is a toy made by clipping,tailoring,stuffing,shaping and packing.

2.Cuddly toy has characteristics of lovely appearance,soft touching,easy washing,good decorating  and high safety.So cuddly toys are good choices for kid’s toys,decorating house and gifts.


The classification of cuddly toy

1.Classification according to if there are any stuff: stuffed toy and toy without stuff.

2.Classification according to the material of surface: velvet stuffed toy, coral fabric stuffed toy, PV fabric stuffed toy and so on.


The material and stuff of cuddly toy

1.Material: The Plush, The Short Plush, Sheep Astrakhan, The Coral Fabric, The Long Velvet, The PV Fabric(Sea Female Fabric), The Wool, The Shanghai School Fabric, Rolls Ties the Fabric, Falls in the Water the Wool, Shears the Circle Fabric, Even Pile Cloths.

2.Stuff: foam(low quality),sponge(low quality),spray bond(quality is better than foam and spray bond),PP cotton(very soft,mostly used,quality is very good),PP vacuum cotton(high cost,quanlity is best).


Manufacture process of cuddly toy

1.Clipping: The workers tailor all parts of cuddly toys.

2.Sewing: The workers sew all parts of cuddly toys by using sewing machine.

3.Binding: The workers bind eyes and noses of cuddly toys.

4.Filling: The workers fill cuddly toys with PP cotton by using cotton-filling machine and then sew all seams.

5.Shaping: The workers shape cuddly toys to make them look better.

6.Packing: The workers pack cuddly toys with PP bags and cartons.


The standards of cuddly toy

Every country has its own standard for cuddly toy.Such as ISO8124(international standard),ASTMF963(American standard),En71(European standard),GB6675-2003(Chinese standard).

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