十一月 15, 2016

Plush Toys Becoming Best-selling Goods During Double Eleven

During Double Eleven this year, the oversea consumers are snapping up goods of Yangzhou. The journalist learned from cross-border e-commence industrial park yesterday that there are 90 thousand pieces of goods sent through Yangzhou Post international small packet during Double Eleven. The average daily export volume doubled against a year earlier.

“For the orders during Double Eleven, some goods had been sent abroad since National Day.” Said Wei Jun who was in the area of cross-border e-commence. He mainly sold plush toys. And the reason of sending goods in advance is to win more consumers. “Cross-border e-commence differs from domestic e-commence. The delivery time of goods from Yangzhou to European and American countries ranges from 20 days to 1 month.”

“According to the research and statistics of customers, the amount of goods sent by Yangzhou Post international small packet during Double Eleven is approximately 90 thousand pieces, and the delivery date is from November 12th to 17th.” Said Wan Qing who was head of Yangzhou Post package department for cross-border e-commence. “It needs to take 5-7 days to finish delivering goods for the orders during Double Eleven. The average daily amount of delivering goods is predicted to reach to 10 thousand pieces. The increase is very obvious compared to the amount of 5000 pieces during Double Eleven last year.”

“Now we have over 70 customers of cross-border e-commence, 30 more than last year. And over half of the customers took part in the Double Eleven oversea sales promotion this year.” Wan Qing told the journalist that some businessmen shipped goods one month in advance as Wei Jun. They use the “Oversea Warehouse” to take part in the “Double Eleven”. And then their goods can be delivered directly from America. Some other cross-border e-commence businessmen delivered goods through Yangzhou Post international small packet after receipt of orders.

How popular is oversea Double Eleven? Wan Qing told that cross-border e-commence come to peak season at the end of August every year. Compared to Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, the sales volume reaches the highest in the second half of the year.

What is the most popular goods of Yangzhou in oversea markets? “Plush toys contribute the highest percentage, another popular goods such as shoes,clothing and toothbrushes, no food.” Said Wan Qing. The oversea orders mainly come from European and American countries.

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