九月 3, 2016

Chinese plush toy’s market prospects

As we all know,China has the most population in the world. The amount of children is getting more and more. Almost no child doesn’t like toys,so the demands of toys have been increasing all the time. China is a super great producing area of toys,especially plush toys. Every year, there are huge amounts of plush toys exported from China to the other countries. Plush toy factories often pay attention to internationl market. They should also put an eye on domestic market. After all, there are the most amount of children in the world.

From the access to kids and parents, we really feel that their toys awareness and demand gradually enhance and plush toys is becoming more and more popular among persons of all ages. The plush toy is no longer just the stage solutions accompanying only with all the stage of people’s childhood, but in a brand new form and people’s life. The role of toys has switched from nothing but parenting tools to material carriers which can bring individuals health and happiness. Persons would prefer to take toys as decoration or gifts to friends and families to share and present to add some exciting to life.

In contemporary families, the vast majority of young couples have only one kid, the parents are willing to invest on them. In accordance with the survey, in the purchase of learning tools and toys, 59% of the families let kids make decision. In line with statistics, the annual per toy consumption of domestic urban youngsters reaches about 35 yuan, the rural kids less than ten yuan, and the urban adults 12 yuan, the rural adults spend nearly zero on toys. If the members in every family spend annually at least 10 yuan on acquiring a toy, the toys annual consumption reaches as much as 40 billion yuan.

With the living circumstances inproving, the toy consumption level are going to be higher. But at present China’s plush toys don’t have a famous national brand for domestic trade. And the foreign brands have currently entered the mainland marketplace, by way of sales agents or establishing offices. lack of trustworthy brand of plush toys is a problem in front of domestic plush toy industry.

Industry prospects: At present, China’s per capita toy consumption level is low, but as China’s national economy and household living requirements increase rapidly, Chinese plush toy market has a great potential. In accordance with a foreign investigation: plush toy is be the No.1 choice for European parents, the cost of Europe’s per capita spending on toys ($ 144) is far larger than the developing countries ($ 13), grow to be the second largest toy consumer market place only after the US ($ 340). In the event that the Chinese toy consumption reaches the Asian average level, the size of plush toy market is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan. The investigation report indicates that Chinese plush toy market will grow at a rate of annual 40% development, and the sales will attain greater than 100 billion yuan.

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